Crystalline: A Solo Painting Exhibition

January 13th - April 12th 2014

Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green, KY wouldn't be the same without Spencer's Coffeehouse, and when the owner asked me if I'd be interested in exhibiting my latest work in his restaurant, I couldn't say no.  For anyone who attends Western Kentucky University, Spencer's doubles as a social hub and study hall.  I can remember long hours at Spencer's, sketching, illustrating (and over-caffinating), only to meet there again later in the evening with friends.

Many of the works hung in the exhibition were painted during the winter of 2013-2014, and due to the unusual cold the southeast experienced, my East Nashville studio (and everything in it, including myself) was frozen solid.  Keeping warm was impossible.  As I worked, my acrylics were freezing, my water was freezing, and the paintings were changing...

Early on during the sessions, I determined that using the cold, rather than fighting it, was going to be my best play.  So, by dumping lots of water, and using lots of paint, I was able to create texture and lineation by allowing the paintings to freeze completely, thaw in my spare bedroom, dry there, and be ready for their next attack.  This technique may be most evident in "Untitled 2014", but each work painted during that winter was at some point during it's development completely frozen.

Here's a slideshow of each work exhibited.

Joining me that night, providing live music, were some dear friends.  Travis Goodwin and Tiger Merritt of Morning Teleportation prepared an acoustic performance and set the mood for an inspiring evening.  A student journalist, Tanner Cole was covering the music beat for the Western Kentucky University paper that night, and wrote a bit about the exhibition:

"The exhibit was born from the three artists' already existing friendship. The music and splashes of frozen color were nods from one type of artist to another."

- Tanner Cole

You can read the article in it's entirety, here.

This exhibition was such a success, and none of it would have been possible without the help of loved one's.  First, a gigantic thank you to my wife, who has my whole heart.  Also, thank you to Justin Shepard, and everyone at Spencer's Coffeehouse, for all the hard work and encouragement.  To Travis and Tiger, thank you for the beautiful work you are continuing to make.  And to my patrons, thank you for supporting the arts and my career as an artist.  I couldn't imagine this show going as well as did without the love, help and support from each and everyone of the people involved.

Merritt and Goodwin preforming during the exhibition.   Photo: Michael Bland

Merritt and Goodwin preforming during the exhibition.  Photo: Michael Bland